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Joplin Server user status

User flags

User flags are used to indicate problem conditions with a particular account. They are usually automatically set by various services, for example when an account go over the limit, or when a payment fails. Likewise they are removed automatically when the condition changes.

The list of flags is defined in UserFlagType.

User status

A user can have various status that affects the possible actions they can do. User statuses are derived from user flags.

can_upload0 or 1Whether the user can upload items, such as notes or tags, to the server.
enabled0 or 1A disabled user cannot upload or download data from the server API anymore. However, they can still login to the website, make change to their profile, etc.

Perhaps a third status: "blocked" could be created. It would be like enabled = 0, except they won't be able to login to the website either.

These status should only be set as a results of user flags. In other words, the application should not directly set enabled to 0 or 1 but instead set a user flag that would indicate the issue. A script will then process the user flags and set the status as a result.